EMERSON & ADVAITA – A lecture presented by Barbara Solowey



A lecture presented by Barbara Solowey
12 East 79th Street
Saturday, May 16, 2009   7:00 pm.





The teaching of Ralph Waldo Emerson is an expression of Advaita, the philosophy that addresses the fundamental unity in all things, proclaiming the oneness of God, the soul, and the universe. His longing for unity guided him to the great wisdom of the East where he found it in its purest and most sublime form.

Emerson had deep faith that this realization was possible. His call to humanity was for a new consciousness “to restore that bond by which their own self was linked to the Eternal Self; to recover that unity which had been clouded and obscured by the magical illusion of reality, by the so-called Maya of Creation.” (Illusions)

Let Emerson’s transcendental teaching to discover “the infinitude of the private man” inspire us in our own journey to be Self-reliant, to awaken Reason, and to follow Divine Law.
Tickets at $20 may be purchased on-line by clicking here,  or by visiting the Registration Office at 12 East 79th Street.


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