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Articles reflecting the influence of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Illuminating Emerson’s spiritual development

July 2, 2003 BOOK REVIEWIlluminating Emerson’s spiritual development The Spiritual Emerson: Essential Writings by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edited by David M. Robinson Beacon, 288 pp., $25 By Richard HigginsGlobe Correspondent Even now, as we mark the 200th anniversary of his…

Getting to the Root of Bush

Getting to the Root of Bush: Nickname,Metaphor and the Biblical “George Bush” Reading and researching Emerson in preparation for the recent bicentennial filled many gaps, corrected mistakes and clarified at least some of the haze in my knowledge of this…

La Conducta De La Vida

Dos capítulos de Ralph Waldo Emerson La conducta de la vida  Edición, traducción y cronología de Javier Alcoriza y Antonio Lastra  Pre-TextosValencia2004

Thomas Taylor in America

          Thomas Taylor in America – by George Mills Harper       Offered by with temporary permission of Princeton University Press Editorial note: This text comes from a book entitled Thomas Taylor, The Platonist, published by Princeton U.…

Emerson’s Memorabilia of Philosophy

This excerpt from Richard Geldard’s book God In Concord is the epilogue of the book and provides an insight into the core ideas which influenced Emerson throughout his life. In the early 1860s, at a point in his life when…

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