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A Lecture Presented by David Beardsley

Plato to Emerson - The Ideal THE IDEAL IN THE WEST:

A Lecture Presented by David Beardsley

12 East 79th Street

Saturday, October 17, 2009 7:00 pm

The philosophy of the Ideal is one of the first
practical philosophies in the Western tradition,
combining as it does a vision of absolute
beauty and goodness with disciplines for
leading a good life.

This lecture will look at the influence of the Ideal from its expression by Plato in The Republic through other key figures in Western philosophical history: Plotinus in Imperial Rome, Marsilio Ficino in Renaissance Florence, Thomas Taylor in London of the Romantics, and Ralph Waldo Emerson in 19th Century America. Its aim will be to show the Ideal, not as an abstract intellectual construction, but as an eternal and ever-present reality that can be known in experience by people everywhere who strive for the Good.

Join us to explore this subject on Saturday, October 17 at 7:00 pm.

The fee for the lecture and light refreshments is $20. Tickets may be purchased on-line at or in the registration office at 12 East 79th Street. Some tickets may be available at the door, but advance purchase is recommended. Please note that our on-line ticketing process sells only one ticket at a time; therefore, for multiple tickets, simply repeat the process.