The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson - by R.W. Emerson Institute, Jim Manley, Director -

Adventure in the Exploration of Self-Reliance

What would a modern day adventure in the exploration of self-reliance look like?  Perhaps Reid Stowe gives us a glimpse of that journey through his life long passion for sailing.  The 75 foot Gaff  Schooner Ann is currently docked in the Hudson River, and being prepped for a 1000 day sail at sea.  Similar to Thoreau’s retreat to Walden, Reid’s adventure is an exploration of life beyond the grid, and certainly a more rigorous test of one’s survival skills. The things that nourish Reid in his travels are the very same activities that sustain us in Manhattan; music and art!  Take a look at this extraordinary life of a modern day globe wanderer in the video link below.  The web site also chronicles the building of Schooner Ann in North Carolina 25 years ago, and showcases Reid’s music and art.   More information can be found at

The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson