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XII - Natural History of the Intellect

Vol XII – Natural History of the Intellect (1893)

Natural History of Intellect  
The Celebration of Intellect  
Country Life  
Concord Walks  
Michael Angelo  
Art and Criticism

Vol X – Lectures and Biographical Sketches (1884)

Perpetual Forces
The Superlative
The Sovereignty of Ethics
The Preacher
The Man of Letters
The Scholar
Life and Letters in New England
Ezra Ripley, D. D.
Chardon Street Convention
Mary Moody Emerson
Samuel Hoar
George L. Stearns

Vol XI – Miscellanies

Vol XI – Miscellanies (1884)


Vol IX – Poems

Vol IX – Poems (1846)

Vol VIII – Letters and Social Aims

Vol VIII – Letters and Social Aims (1875)

VI - Conduct of Life

Vol VI – Conduct of Life (1860, rev. 1876)

I Fate
II Power
III Wealth
IV Culture
V Behavior
VI Worship
VII Considerations by the Way
VIII Beauty
IX Illusions

V - English Traits

Vol V – English Traits(1856)


 I First Visit to England
 II Voyage to England
 III Land
 IV Race
 V Ability
 VI Manners
 VII Truth
 VIII Character
 IX Cockayne
 X Wealth
 XI Aristocracy
 XII Universities
 XIII Religion
 XIV Literature
 XV The “Times”
 XVI Stonehenge
 XVII Personal
 XVIII Result
 XIX Speech at Manchester

Vol IV – Representative Men (1850)

Uses of Great Men
Swedenborg; or, the Mystic
Shakspeare; or, the Poet
Plato; or, the Philosopher
Napoleon; or, the Man of the World
Montaigne; or, the Skeptic
Goethe; or, the Writer

Vol III – Essays II (1844)

I The Poet Audio Essays  
II Experience Audio Essays  
III Character Audio Essays  
IV Manners Audio Essays  
V Gifts Audio Essays  
VI Nature Audio Essays  
VII Politics Audio Essays  
VIII Nominalist and Realist Audio Essays  
IX New England Reformers Audio Essays